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    An App to Upgrade Greeklife

    GreekSquare is a collaboration and social application for fraternities and sororities. Keep everything related to your chapter in one place so you can spend less time stuck in chapter meetings and more time on the dance floor!

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These features will blow your mind!

GreekSquare is your chapter's Swiss Army Knife. A lightweight, easy-to-use web application for managing, your Fraternity or Sorority chapter in less time, all in one place.

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Have an announcement you need all your members to know about? Send mass text messages or emails straight to everyone's phone instantly.

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Track all your rushees, bids and pledges and allow for each fraternity or sorority member to offer their insight on whether they are a good fit your chapter.

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Greeksquare discussions and polls are the best way to stay on topic, hash out details, vote on issues and make decisions as a fraternity or sorority chapter.

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Sign Up lists in GreekSquare allow you to make your own custom form so you can get all the information you need from your fraternity or sorority members.

It's like going to Chapter. But not.

Sign your chapter up.

Tell us your fraternity or sorority chapter name and just a few basic details and you’re on your way.

Get your GreekSquare ready.

Start setting up your online chapter. Upload your files, import your calendar and get your eboard excited!

Invite your members.

Use our handy-dandy import tool to upload your list of fraternity or sorority members. GreekSquare will do all the work for you.

Get the action going.

Get your members interacting online. Send them messages. Start a couple discussions. Vote on some issues. Get some sign up lists going. Rate your rushees. Build your new online chapter!

Get ready for the good times.

The rest is up to you... Soon you will see the decrease in workload and an increase in funload. Your fraternity or sorority will be ready for anything!

Awesome features that won't break your chapter budget.

We have a one-size fits all pricing model. It keeps it nice and simple for every fraternity and sorority. Your chapter will receive unlimited possibilities all in one simple payment per a month. What are you waiting for?!


$99 / month

  • Unlimited Members
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Unlimited Emails

Got Questions? Good, because we've got answers.

If there is something else we can answer for your fraternity or sorority chapter, give us a holler. Don't be a stranger.

How do I add members?

Great question! You add members by inviting them to your GreekSquare via email. GreekSquare allows you to add members using two methods. The first method is individual inviting. You can type in an individual’s email within the Members section by hitting the button “Add Member(s)”. You can also go to import section within settings and import an excel sheet of your members with a bunch of their basic information so their personal info gets uploaded into GreekSquare automatically and email invites get sent out to the entire list. The great thing about this method is right when you upload, your entire list automatically becomes members of your GreekSquare chapter even before they login. This means they will receive GreekSquare notifications, and you don’t have to wait for your entire chapter to login and create an account before getting started.

How do I get started?

Well right when you begin your free trial, we will ask some very basic questions – the no-brainers you typically fill out for every social network. You should be able to get your online chapter up and running in less than 30 seconds. From there, you can do almost anything! We encourage you to first start preparing your online chapter before you invite all your members. It’s better to have events, files and discussions ready so when your members eventually login, they can immediately start getting involved and seeing all that GreekSquare has to offer. It’s like setting up the party before the guests arrive!

How do I import my Google Calendar?

Does your chapter already have a Google Calendar with all of your chapter events? Perfect! You can upload your Google Calendar straight into GreekSquare so all your events can be shared with your members. Just go to the import section in your GreekSquare settings and hit the import Google Calendar button. You’ll have to copy and paste your Google calendar XML feed. You can find your XML feed in your calendar settings and hitting XML in the Calendar Address section.

How do I send a texts to my Chapter?

This feature is a huge hit! You can send a text to your whole chapter or just a group of people within GreekSquare. We call them Shouts. Whenever you want to send a Shout out to your chapter, simply go to your dashboard and hit the Shout dropdown on the right hand side. You can then select whether you want to send a Text or Email. Once selected, you can then choose who you want to send your message to(Exec, the whole chapter, fundraising group, etc.) and of course, type out your message. Hit send and within seconds your members will start receiving your Shout!

What does linking Facebook and Google do?

This is completely optional, but it’s a great way to save time on filling out your profile. Instead of uploading your profile image and entering in all your information, you can just link your account to Facebook or Google and BAM! All your information gets filled in automatically. And don’t worry, we won’t post anything on your Facebook or Google+ accounts – that would just be lame!

Will you marry me?

Awe…. We are flattered! Unfortunately, according to law you can’t marry a web application no matter how jaw-droppingly awesome it is. But don’t worry, we are pro-webapp marriage rights!!


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